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Easily share ideas, set goals, and get real-time feedback
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What makes us different
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Created with Sketch. Customer Service
Other companies use chat-bots and self-service help. We don't. Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and we treat you the way we want to be treated.
Created with Sketch. Consulting
Think of us as your performance management specialists. Need help with strategy beyond our software? We provide council to help you achieve your goals.
Created with Sketch. Product
We build software that is a delight to use. No detailed manuals or full-day training sessions, just powerfully easy tools to make your job easier.
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Customer Reviews
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Milana Foulk
People Operations — RealEyes
"GoalSpan is a great tool for keeping goals organized"
Meraf Gedlu
Controller — Zuca
"Our reviews are much more relevant and are now based on goal achievement"
Andy Kline
CEO — Chase Properties
"GoalSpan is the lynchpin that holds our business together. Its ease of use, concise metrics, and adaptability provide us with exactly what we need."
Lisa Barr
HR Manager — Pasadena Federal Credit Union
"GoalSpan is a great way to provide continuous feedback and increase staff engagement. We are seeing greater two-way communication in the goal setting process"
Julie Creasy
Director Human Resources — Silver Peak Systems
"I appreciate that I can call or email and within a very short time I receive a response. I value the collaboration and willingness to help us achieve our performance management goals"
Vanessa Contreras
HR Manager — McRoskey Mattress Company
"Great product with great functionality, reporting & ease of use"
Veronica Pimentel
Employee Relations — PMC
"This is a great tool for Managers and Employees to stay on task for company and personal goals."
Michelle Heaselgrave
Head of People & Talent — Mercia Asset Management
"We are in the UK - the GoalSpan team are always responsive and helpful despite the time difference. GoalSpan drives good behaviour and provides a consistent approach to managing company and individual performance."
Donna Defusco
Human Resources Manager — Grain Management
"I like GoalSpan's ease of use, integration with BambooHR, and great customer service."
Stephen Wong
Head of Human Resources — Fiducia
"A super user-friendly platform that increases the efficiency and quality of all our Reviews!
GoalSpan is user-friendly; easy to follow and navigate!"
Kate King
Human Resources Consultant — The HR Team, Inc.
"User Friendly! Excellent Customer Service! Easy administration and accessibility to customer support."
Brenda Griffen
Executive Admin and HR Coordinator — Radiology Medical Group of Santa Cruz County
"I most like the ability to journal, and the support I receive when I have an issue that I cannot resolve."
Angela Savage
Human Resources Manager — Toray Advanced Composites
"User friendly, logical system, and product updates are acted upon based on customer feedback. The support from the team at GoalSpan is excellent, and I cannot praise this enough."
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Created with Sketch. Review Customization
Customize competencies, answer types, questions, and rating scales
Created with Sketch. Goal/OKR management
Achieve greater visibility and accountability of goals or objectives and key results with built-in processes
Created with Sketch. Posts and tagging
Make private or shared posts using email, tag people, topics or goals, easily notate important conversations
Created with Sketch. Anonymous feedback
Capture peer or leadership feedback with custom questions, and participants
Created with Sketch. Goal Customization
Create or edit goal labels and types that are specific to your organization
Created with Sketch. Acknowledgements
Track formal receipt of documents and acknowledgements by employees
Created with Sketch. Surveys
Develop custom surveys to measure anything including employee experience and organizational health
Created with Sketch. Company goals
Share corporate objectives, align workforce activity, and more easily achieve your vision
Created with Sketch. Custom training videos
Display your custom recorded training sessions inside GoalSpan for future reference
Created with Sketch. Calibration
View pending or completed ratings to ensure consistency and accuracy
Created with Sketch. Achievement factor
View one achievement value for all goals and incentivize employees on overall achievement
Created with Sketch. Document management
Custom user libraries with documents that are easily uploaded and retrieved
Created with Sketch. Notifications
Stay informed of all activity with notifications both in your account and in email
Created with Sketch. Goal history tracking
Track changes over a goal’s lifespan, see changes by attribute, and view goal history inside the review
Created with Sketch. Peer feedback
Post and receive peer or leadership feedback that is easy searchable and included in the review
Created with Sketch. Custom workflows
Define workflows the way you want with custom approvers
Created with Sketch. Task Overview
View and promote participation and compliance in one place
Created with Sketch. Activity log
Manage product adoption and engagement with login activity and time by user
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