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Hello there!

I'm Jeff Hunt, host of Human Capital and CEO of GoalSpan.

Curiosity and entrepreneurship are in my DNA. I have spent decades leading businesses and consulting with top leaders. I have had the opportunity over my career to acquire, sell, and merge multiple companies.

Currently I run GoalSpan, a performance management system where we care for people first. My passion for finding new ways to connect humans and better their experience at work led me to start GoalSpan. Since 2008, we have been helping teams achieve better results through improved feedback, goal transparency, and process management.

Now, so many years later, GoalSpan helps companies and employees around the world. This gave me the idea to start my podcast, Human Capital, to inspire and teach listeners. I want to connect directly to you and uncover the deeply human aspect of work.

The ultimate job of the leader is to build great culture - the greatest differentiator in business.

Jeff Hunt