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Aug 19, 2020
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Welcome to Human Capital!
Welcome to Human Capital!
Join GoalSpan CEO and longtime business consultant Jeff Hunt as he interviews guests who help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways.


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Jeff Hunt:

Hi everyone! I’m Jeff Hunt. Welcome to the Human Capital podcast. 12 years ago, I started a performance management application and company called GoalSpan. At the time it was a new and uncharted space for HR. I was inspired to create GoalSpan after working decades both running and consulting for private and public companies, only to see the pitfalls and dysfunctions that come with poor culture and leadership. So I created a tool to help.

Now a dozen years later GoalSpan continues to help companies and their employees around the world. I was motivated to start my podcast Human Capital, to inspire and teach listeners not only about HR but also about leadership excellence.

I want to connect directly with you and uncover what is so deeply human about working. I will have meaningful conversations with a diverse pool of business leaders, HR directors, and managers who can help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways.

Together we will cover topics like workplace culture, performance, diversity, innovation, and strategy. We will explore ideas, and stories, experiences, research, books, or anything else that reflects being human in the workplace.

As HR enters the next decade, now more than ever we must focus on the human element of human resources. We must continue to build companies that provide engaging and exceptional work experiences for people.

Invite your co-workers, invite your team, invite friends, join us as we dive into the most important asset we have in the workplace, Human Capital.

Human Capital — Welcome to Human Capital!
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